With Him Forever!

In 1859, during the turbulent years prior to America’s Civil War, Abraham Lincoln had the opportunity to speak to the Agricultural Society in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As he spoke, he shared with them the story of an ancient monarch’s search for a sentence that was “true and appropriate in all times and situations.” His wise men, faced with this heady challenge, gave him the sentence, “And this, too, shall pass away.”

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Room And Board

Our Daily Bread Cover June 2014

On a recent trip to England, my wife and I visited Anne Hathaway’s Cottage in Stratford-upon-Avon. The house is more than 400 years old, and it was the childhood and family home of William Shakespeare’s wife.

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Kangaroos And Emus

Our Daily Bread Cover June 2014

Two of Australia’s indigenous creatures, kangaroos and emus, have something in common—they seldom move backward. Kangaroos, because of the shape of their body and the length of their strong tail, can bounce along with forward movement, but they cannot shift easily into reverse. Emus can run fast on their strong legs, but the joints in their knees seem to make backward movement difficult. Both animals appear on Australia’s coat of arms as a symbol that the nation is to be ever moving forward and making progress.

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Once Upon A Time

Our Daily Bread Cover May 2014

Some people say that the Bible is just a collection of fairy tales. A boy slaying a giant. A man swallowed by a big fish. Noah’s boat-building experience. Even some religious people think that these events are just nice stories with a good moral.

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Many Advisors

Our Daily Bread Cover May 2014

The fifteenth-century theologian Thomas à Kempis said, “Who is so wise as to have perfect knowledge of all things? Therefore, trust not too much to your own opinion, but be ready also to hear the opinions of others. Though your own opinion be good, yet if for the love of God you forego it and follow that of another, you shall the more profit thereby.” Thomas recognized the importance of seeking the opinions of trusted advisors when making plans for life.

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Victory Over Death!

Our Daily Bread Cover April 2014

An ancient painting I saw recently made a deep impression on me. Its title, Anastasis, means “resurrection,” and it depicts the triumph of Christ’s victory over death in a stunning way. The Lord Jesus, newly emerged from the tomb, is pulling Adam and Eve out of their coffins to eternal life. What is so amazing about this artwork is the way it shows how spiritual and physical death, the result of the fall, were dramatically reversed by the risen Christ.

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Spoonful Of Sugar

Our Daily Bread Cover April 2014

Where is Mary Poppins when you need her? I know this sounds as if I’m longing for the good old days when cheerfully unrealistic movies featured characters like this fictional nanny, but what I’m really longing for are people with a vision for the future that is realistically optimistic. I yearn for joyful, creative people who can show us the positive side of what we consider negative, who can remind us that “just a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down.”

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Coming Soon!

Our Daily Bread Cover March 2014

A “COMING SOON!” announcement often precedes future events in entertainment and sports, or the launch of the latest technology. The goal is to create anticipation and excitement for what is going to happen, even though it may be months away.

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The Eleventh Hour

Our Daily Bread Cover February 2014

World War I has been ranked by many as one of the deadliest conflicts in human history. Millions lost their lives in the first global modern war. On November 11, 1918, a ceasefire was observed on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. During that historic moment, millions around the world observed moments of silence while they reflected upon the war’s terrible cost—the loss of life and suffering. It was hoped that “the Great War,” as it was called, would truly be “the war that would end all wars.”

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An Ordinary Day

Our Daily Bread Cover January 2014

While exploring a museum exhibit titled “A Day in Pompeii,” I was struck by the repeated theme that August 24, ad 79 began as an ordinary day. People were going about their daily business in homes, markets, and at the port of this prosperous Roman town of 20,000 people. At 8 a.m., a series of small emissions were seen coming from nearby Mount Vesuvius, followed by a violent eruption in the afternoon. In less than 24 hours, Pompeii and many of its people lay buried under a thick layer of volcanic ash. Unexpected.

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10 thoughts on “An Ordinary Day

  1. klbecker says:

    God is good all the time God is great Any day He will make all things right with no pain or suffering only love and beauty.Any day Jesus

  2. estheraubert says:

    Praise God for His goodness. I am so thankful for your loving kindness, Lord. Please continue to protect and guide my daughter.

  3. faith1 says:

    Thank you Jesus for ur word it’s the deed for our life . Thank you Jesus for this day . Just to be able to read your word Is a blessing .

  4. bubebawselady says:

    Pray for the salvation of those that are still yet to know the Lord, that God may open their eyes to the truth, so they will come to Him and not be left behind, pray also for those that are already in Christ that their lives will be examples and they will not be found wanting on the last day.
    I need a job and I am believing God for one before the months runs out.
    My family needs a lot of financial break this year 2014 because there will be two weddings in our home this year Praise God.

  5. jasmincd says:

    God please continue to forgive me for my sins. Please put love in the hearts of those that don’t know you. Help them learn to love you and others. Please be with those that need you the most, send my love and strength if needed.

  6. kclarkuta says:

    Amen to that!

    Be ready, be vigilant.

    Praise God!!

  7. letsgetgoing says:

    Lord help me to be sensitive to your spirit and watchful at all times for your coming. Don’t let me and my family be left behind!

  8. tiagirl says:

    Thank you Lord for your grace and your mercy. Help me to always be watchful and pray continually until you decide to return for your people. Fill me with your love; fill me with your joy and fill me with your peace. Bless all my friends and family in Jesus name!-

  9. opzv3000 says:


  10. butterflysoul says:

    Pray for peace for my children n myself. My parents and my Mammam . Also my brother , sister- in- law. God you are awesome , amazing and you everlasting love . You’ve saved me w the cancer the first time. I know ur I’ll again, and even if not I will always praise you my King.

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