Stones Cry Out

Every year it seems that Christmas becomes more and more commercialized. Even in nations where the majority of people call themselves “Christian,” the season has become more about shopping than worshiping. The pressure to buy gifts and plan elaborate parties makes it increasingly difficult to stay focused on the real meaning of the holiday—the birth of Jesus, God’s only Son, the Savior of the world.

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A Fresh Start

In many countries, health laws prohibit reselling or reusing old mattresses. Only landfills will take them. Tim Keenan tackled the problem and today his business employs a dozen people to extract the individual components of metal, fabric, and foam in old mattresses for recycling. But that’s only part of the story. Journalist Bill Vogrin wrote, “Of all the items Keenan recycles . . . it’s the people that may be his biggest success” (The Gazette, Colorado Springs). Keenan hires men from halfway houses and homeless shelters, giving them a job and a second chance. He says, “We take guys nobody else wants.”

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Repeat Warnings

Caution, the moving walkway is ending. Caution, the moving walkway is ending.” If you’ve ever used an automated walkway at an airport, you’ve heard this kind of announcement repeatedly.

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Love To Tell His Story

When noted author Studs Terkel was looking for a topic for his next book, one of his friends suggested “death.” While he was resistant at first, the idea gradually began to take shape, but its voice became all too real when Mr. Terkel’s wife of 60 years passed away. Now the book was also a personal search: a yearning to know what lies beyond, where his loved one had just gone. Its pages are a poignant reminder of our own search for Jesus and the questions and concerns we have about eternity while we walk our faith journey.

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Sow What?

On the clock tower of my alma mater is an Art Deco bas-relief sculpture titled The Sower. The inscription beneath it is from Galatians 6:7, “Whatsoever a man soweth.” Michigan State University remains a leader in agricultural research, but despite many improvements in farming techniques and crop production, this fact remains: Seeds of corn will not produce a crop of beans.

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22 thoughts on “Sow What?

  1. guineafoot says:

    This is an excellent insight in reminding us that what we sow in life is what we will reap. Should we be upset with ourselves if we reap nothing after making no attempts to sow? Be blessed.

  2. uncle izu says:

    God sows the word, the word is to generate fruits of righteousness in our lives. May every word sown into our lives not be a waste in Jesus name.Amen

  3. morganhoward says:

    This was so good for me to read. I stopped doing this for a while because I was busy, but this was a great one to start back with and to start the week off with!! (: have a blessed day everyone.

  4. kp says:

    If God is love (1 John 4:8) the scripture reading bothers me where it says … otherwise they will turn and be forgiven… (MARK 4:12).. the only thing I can think of is that the people that are referred to are completely self-indulgent by their own choice… God raised pharaoh but by his own choices… (romans 9)… I liked the devotion…

  5. poohpity says:

    How can anyone stop from sharing the overflow of what has happened in the forgiven life? Does not seem to take much effort when sharing what we have been freely given. No to do list is needed when something comes pouring out from the fruit filled heart that just throws it’s seed around.

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