Pink Sheep

While traveling on a road from Glasgow to Edinburgh, Scotland, I was enjoying the beautiful, pastoral countryside when a rather humorous sight captured my attention. There, on a small hilltop, was a rather large flock of pink sheep.

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The Power Of Ritual

When I was growing up, one of the rules in our house was that we weren’t allowed to go to bed angry (Eph. 4:26). All our fights and disagreements had to be resolved. The companion to that rule was this bedtime ritual: Mom and Dad would say to my brother and me, “Good night. I love you.” And we would respond, “Good night. I love you too.”

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The Blame Game

When Jenny’s husband left her for another woman, she vowed that she would never meet his new wife. But when she realized that her bitterness was damaging her children’s relationship with their father, she asked for God’s help to take the first steps toward overcoming bitterness in a situation she couldn’t change.

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The Ultimate Sacrifice

When Deng Jinjie saw people struggling in the water of the Sunshui River in the Hunan province of China, he didn’t just walk by. In an act of heroism, he jumped into the water and helped save four members of a family. Unfortunately, the family left the area while he was still in the water. Sadly, Jinjie, exhausted from his rescue efforts, was overwhelmed and swept away by the river current and drowned.

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Terms Of Service

If you’re like me, you seldom read the full text of contracts for online services before you agree to them. They go on for pages, and most of the legal jargon makes no sense to ordinary people like me.

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Keeping Darkness At Bay

In J. R. R. Tolkien’s book The Hobbit, the wizard Gandalf explains why he has selected a small hobbit like Bilbo to accompany the dwarves to fight the enemy. He says, “Saruman believes it is only great power that can hold evil in check, but that is not what I have found. I found it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.”

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Live In Love

In the African country where my friend Roxanne lives, water is a precious commodity. People often have to travel long distances to collect water from small, contaminated creeks—leading to sickness and death. It’s difficult for organizations like orphanages and churches to serve the people because of a lack of water. But that’s beginning to change.

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Walking Billboards

Pete Peterson’s first contact with Vietnam was in the Vietnam War. During a bombing raid in 1966, his plane was shot down and he was taken prisoner. Over 30 years later he returned as US Ambassador to Vietnam. One press article called him “a walking billboard for reconciliation.” He realized years ago that God had not saved his life for him to live in anger. Because he believed this, he used the rest of his life and his position to make a difference by pushing for better safety standards for children in Vietnam.

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The Parable Of The Sting

I can still see Jay Elliott’s shocked face as I burst through his front door almost 50 years ago with a “gang” of bees swirling around me. As I raced out his back door, I realized the bees were gone. Well, sort of—I’d left them in Jay’s house! Moments later, he came racing out his back door—chased by the bees I had brought to him.

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Power Of Simplicity

Few people take time to study the US Internal Revenue Service income tax regulations—and for good reason. According to Forbes magazine, in 2013 tax codes surpassed the four million-word mark. In fact, the tax laws have become so complex that even the experts have a hard time processing all the regulations. It’s burdensome in its complexity.

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14 thoughts on “Power Of Simplicity

  1. eternallyhis says:

    One of my best friends came to visit me at a time when my marriage seemed hopeless. I told her that I had lost all love for my husband. She simply said in answer to me, “God is Love.”
    Another good friend had also given me a daily devotional book by Billy Graham, and because I thought she might ask me questions about it, I began reading it and the one thing that caught and held my attention was that ‘if we ask God, He will give us His supernatural Love that will enable us to love our worst enemy.’
    All praise to God for moving people to pray for me, and you know, not one of them ‘preached’ to me or at me, but just one and another with little things like that (here a little, there a little). Such as a message I’d heard on the radio years before my marriage, of how God knows better than we know our own selves how to make us happy, after all He is the One who created us.
    And my husband and I coming home real late at night from a sales meeting and the babysitter had left the TV on and there was a celebrity speaking openly about her faith in Jesus Christ. Even at the sales meeting we had to listen to a tape that was meant to take away our fear of approaching people with our product, and the speaker said, ‘You don’t need to worry about what anyone thinks of you, except for God, as He is the only One who died on the Cross for you.’
    It’s like everywhere I went and even in my own home, God was surrounding me with a great cloud of witnesses and brought me to my knees in full surrender to Him and His will for my life. He is a beautiful, wonderful Lord. I did ask and God gave me His supernatural Love for my hubby and I found it was far better and stronger than any love I had ever known. So much that I still feel that same love for my hubby even though he went home with the Lord nearly twenty years ago.
    My main reason for sharing this is to encourage anyone who is concerned about their loved ones, to trust our God is able to surround each one of them with His witnesses, and to bring them into the fold. Don’t get discouraged, nor fearful, etc. but pray the Lord of the harvest to bring forth laborers, and claim His Word for our loved ones. Jesus is the Good Shepherd and He is able to seek and to save. And if any of us lack love, forgiveness or whatever for anyone, we can go to our Source and He will supply our need. God’s blessings to all.

    1. copetyme says:

      To God b his glory. Thanks for sharing this heartfelt message. Why do we get so confused about love when its so clear. God is love. What we think love is not only God can interpret true love. I thought I lost love for my hubby some time ago when spirit revealed that God’s love never leaves me. Man’s love is so distorted from the beginning of time that how much love u have for another, and true love is all the same. LOVE is love. You can’t have a half-cup of love for someone. I pray for all to open our hearts & mind to God’s love BB

  2. sardinec says:

    Anyone can be your neighbour, so long as you look at a person and love him for who he is.

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