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M.R. DeHaan

M.R. DeHaan

M. R. DeHaan was a physician who later in life became a pastor - well known for his gravelly voice and impassioned Bible teaching. His commitment to ministry was to lead people of all nations to personal faith and maturity in Christ. So in 1938, from a small radio station in eastern Michigan, Detroit Bible Class was born. Suddenly the spiritual doctor was making house calls - to hundreds of thousands of Scripture-hungry listeners. Even though he was an unlikely radio personality - with a rough, authoritative voice - the program worked to great effect. And Dr. De Haan's heavily underlined reflections on the Scripture quickly became a source of biblical wisdom for many. In response to his teaching, listeners asked for transcripts of the broadcast for use as study materials. These resources, soon in great demand, were the precursor of today's widely distributed Discovery Series booklets. From this spiritual foundation, the Grand Rapids, Michigan-based ministry continues to build upon the foundation of Dr. De Haan’s vision and work. With commitment to the biblical principles, Our Daily Bread Ministries today offers teaching resources to millions worldwide. While Dr. De Haan began this ministry in his basement as a family operation, today the Lord has brought together a staff of over 300 Christian workers in our US headquarters. Dr. De Haan was a leader who is remembered as a real man of God who loved the Lord and loved teaching His Word. Find books by M.R. DeHaan

Articles by M.R. DeHaan

Sad Or Glad?

The first Resurrection Day began with gloom and despair for the disciples of our Lord. Three days earlier, their Master had been crucified and buried. We can imagine them huddled together behind closed doors as "they mourned and wept" (Mark 16:10).

The Butterfly

Outside my study window a beautiful monarch butterfly rested on a flower blossom. It fanned its wings slowly with exquisite grace. That stately monarch was once a repulsive green worm, feeding on milkweed leaves. Then it built a coffin for itself and hung from a twig. In time it emerged, transformed into a beautiful creature—that butterfly outside my study window.

Bicycle Riders

I remember the first time I tried to ride a bicycle. I thought I would never learn!

Two Dead Sparrows

I was cruising along on the highway at about 60 miles an hour when up ahead I saw two sparrows in a fierce battle at the side of the road. With feathers flying, they attacked each other with great fury.

Don't Get Stung!

About 25 feet up in the maple tree behind my house hung a gray, cone-shaped object about 10 inches long. I decided to get closer to find out what it was.

Are You A Worrywart?

Worry is sin. It is caused by lack of faith, a failure to believe God's Word. Yet it is a sin that many Christians find hard to overcome.

Living Or Just Alive?

What matters is not how long you live, but how well you live. Some people live for 85 years and do very little. Others live only a relatively few years, but they fill that time with service to God and others, and their influence lives on.


You can't point your finger at someone without pointing at yourself. Try it right now. Extend your index finger and thumb in a pointing position away from you, and then notice in which direction the other three fingers are pointing. They point directly back at you.

Great Preachers

The greatest sermons I have ever heard were not preached from pulpits but from sickbeds. The deepest truths of God's Word have often been taught by those humble souls who have gone through the seminary of affliction.

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