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M.R. DeHaan

M.R. DeHaan

M. R. DeHaan was a physician who later in life became a pastor - well known for his gravelly voice and impassioned Bible teaching. His commitment to ministry was to lead people of all nations to personal faith and maturity in Christ. So in 1938, from a small radio station in eastern Michigan, Detroit Bible Class was born. Suddenly the spiritual doctor was making house calls - to hundreds of thousands of Scripture-hungry listeners. Even though he was an unlikely radio personality - with a rough, authoritative voice - the program worked to great effect. And Dr. De Haan's heavily underlined reflections on the Scripture quickly became a source of biblical wisdom for many. In response to his teaching, listeners asked for transcripts of the broadcast for use as study materials. These resources, soon in great demand, were the precursor of today's widely distributed Discovery Series booklets. From this spiritual foundation, the Grand Rapids, Michigan-based ministry continues to build upon the foundation of Dr. De Haan’s vision and work. With commitment to the biblical principles, Our Daily Bread Ministries today offers teaching resources to millions worldwide. While Dr. De Haan began this ministry in his basement as a family operation, today the Lord has brought together a staff of over 300 Christian workers in our US headquarters. Dr. De Haan was a leader who is remembered as a real man of God who loved the Lord and loved teaching His Word. Find books by M.R. DeHaan

Articles by M.R. DeHaan

The Fear Of Falling

Have you ever dreamed that you were falling out of bed or from some great height, and you awoke in fright? I remember that as a boy I would often be awakened by such a terrifying feeling.

The Best Eraser

What is memory? What is this faculty that enables us to recall past feelings, sights, sounds, and experiences? By what process are events recorded, stored, and preserved in our brain to be brought back again and again? Much is still mystery.

Why? Why? Oh, Why?

Why must I suffer disappointment, sorrow, and tribulation? What have I done that God should send me trials? Is He displeased with me? These questions are constantly asked by God's dear children.

In Conference

The president of a large company wanted to talk to the factory’s manager about an urgent matter. But the manager’s secretary said, "He cannot be disturbed. He’s in conference—as he is every day at this time."

Strange Places

Walking past my barn one day, I heard a frantic chirping inside, and upon investigation I found a bluejay beating its wings against the glass pane of the window. Had it not cried and squawked, I would not have heard it. But its plaintive note prompted me to open the door wide and the jay flew out to liberty.

Two Gardens

Two gardens are mentioned prominently in the Bible: the garden of Eden and the garden of Gethsemane. God placed the first man, Adam, in the garden of Eden; Jesus went into Gethsemane to restore what the first man had lost.

The Glorious Sunset

It is wonderful to be young, with clear sight, acute hearing, elastic step, pulses drumming to the march of exhilarating health. But old age has glories that youth cannot know. It is a blessed old age indeed if it ends brightly at evening time.

Death Cannot Divide Us

Although writers and philosophers have done their best to marshal weighty arguments in favor of life after death, they have not succeeded in bringing comfort to aching, anxious, questioning hearts.


Mrs. Grumpty complained bitterly because her friends seemed to avoid her, and she just couldn't understand why. If only she could have heard a recording of her own voice, she would have known the reason for her unpopularity. She always talked about her complaints, weaknesses, aches and pains, and insisted on relating in wearying detail her stay in the hospital.

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