Month: January 1998

Freedom That Enslaves

People today have made a god out of freedom. For them, freedom is of paramount importance in everything—whether it is the freedom to abort a baby or simply to ride a motorcycle without a helmet.

Listen And Live

The press called him a "fallen power figure" after a scandal forced his resignation from a top political advisory post in Washington, DC. Looking back on how it all happened, the man said: "I started out being excited working for the president. Then I became arrogant, then I became grandiose, and then I became self-destructive. I'm prone to being infatuated with power and believing that the rules don't apply to me." An Associated Press article said that during the months leading up to his resignation, "he ignored his wife, ignored his friends, ignored the rules."

God Will Make A Way

Missionary Bill Moore serves in South Africa, but one day he visited neighboring Zambia to help his mission organization buy some property. The first problem he ran into was that the mission was not recognized by the government, which meant they could not buy any land. Registration could take months. Bill and his co-workers prayed, and God provided a contact who helped them secure the needed papers in 15 minutes.

Humility's Reward

A small western college was struggling financially. The buildings were shabby, and staff salaries were meager.

The Old Tractor

My friend Gary restores tractors. He told me about an old John Deere that had been sitting in a farmer's field for years. It had served its owner faithfully for decades.

What Time Is It?

There are many ways of keeping time. Let's look at three of them. The first is called "world time." For many years this was how the world set its clocks. World time was determined by the relationship of the earth to the sun, and it enabled man to measure time by the movements of the heavens.

'Good' Sinners

Stephen Conn sensed that God wanted him to be a preacher. But he felt a certain disadvantage. Because he had been saved when he was 7 years old, he would never be able to hold an audience spellbound with stories of a wicked past.

Leave The Dog At Home

A hunter once purchased a dog to help him hunt pheasants. But he discovered that the dog was interested only in chasing rabbits. So instead of hunting pheasants, he spent his time doing what his dog preferred. Finally the hunter decided he had better leave the dog at home.

Tender Loving Care

For years, researchers were baffled by the declining number of giant cactus plants in Saguaro National Park near Tucson, Arizona. They suspected climate change, air pollution, and bacterial infection. It seemed that the saguaros might even disappear.

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