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Muscling Through

Competitive bodybuilders put themselves through extreme training. To start with, they focus on getting bigger and stronger. When competitions come around, they start trying to lose any fat around their muscles. In the final days before the competition, they drink less water than normal so their muscle tissue is even more obvious. But, because they haven’t been eating or drinking…

Singing to the Firing Squad

Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran were caught smuggling drugs. They spent the next ten years on death row in Indonesia. While in prison they heard about God’s love for them in Jesus, and their lives were totally changed. When it came time for them to stand in front of the firing squad, they faced the guns saying prayers and singing…


We all know the lullaby “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”. But did you know its words were originally a poem about how amazing God’s universe is? In its often-forgotten last verse, the star acts as a guide: “As your bright and tiny spark, lights the traveller in the dark.”

In Philippians, Paul told the Christians in Philippi to be blameless and…

Unexpected Ways

In 1986, five-year-old Levan Merritt fell twenty feet into the gorilla enclosure of England’s Jersey zoo. As parents and onlookers cried out for help, a full-grown male silverback, named Jambo, placed himself between the motionless boy and several other gorillas. Then he began to gently stroke the child’s back. When Levan began to cry, Jambo led the other gorillas into their own enclosure as zoo-keepers and an ambulance driver came to the rescue. Thirty years later Levan still talks about Jambo the gentle giant—his guardian angel who had acted in a shockingly unexpected way, changing his perception of gorillas forever.

Elijah may have expected God to act in certain ways, but the God of gods used a rock-shattering wind, a powerful earthquake, and raging fire to show His prophet Elijah how not to think of Him. Then He used a gentle whisper to show His heart and to express His presence (1Kings 19:11-12).

Elijah had seen God’s power before 18:38-39). But he didn’t fully understand the One who wants to be known as more than the greatest and most fearsome of gods (19:10, 14).

Eventually, that quiet whisper found fullness of meaning in the powerful gentleness of Jesus, who said, “Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father.” Then he quietly allowed Himself to be nailed to a tree— to deepen our understanding of the Great God who loves us.

Hard Conversations

Have you ever had to talk to a friend about something they were doing that you didn’t think was right? Or have you had to speak up when your friends were gossiping and saying unkind things about someone else? It’s really tough to have those hard conversations.

In 1 Samuel 25 an unlikely person took a big risk. Abigail was…

A Cake Day

I used to love the last day of term at school. One of my teachers would always make sure there was some cake or chocolate for us to eat in class. Treats like this always remind me of God’s gifts and generosity to us. As the Bible tells us, “They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness” (Lam. 3:23).…

A Thorn

“Ow!” I shouted. I had just been walking, minding my own business, when my hand had brushed against a prickly bush. It felt like a thorn had jumped out just to cut my finger! The pain—and the blood—needed to be dealt with. As soon as I got home, I started searching for a plaster!
The p“Ow!” I shouted. I had…

Ready for Action

If you’re part of a school sports team, you’ll know how important preparation is. You have to be ready for a match if you want to play well.

In a similar kind of way, Peter tells us that we need to be ready and prepared as Christians. He wants us to have “minds that are alert and fully sober” (v.13).…

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