Jesus Christ is the Inescapable One. We must either receive Him in this life as our loving Savior or stand before Him in the life to come as our eternal Judge.

There’s a story in the Gray and Adams Commentary about a doctor who “made it his chief concern in matters of religion to degrade the character and dignity of Christ.” He viewed the Savior with so much contempt that he always spoke of Him in a demeaning way by calling Him ‘‘the carpenter’s son.”

Eventually, the physician became terminally ill. During the weeks before his death, he became very agitated. He remarked to the person attending him, “I’m a dying man, and what affects me most of all is that I must be judged by the carpenter’s son!”

That doctor faced the terrible future that awaits all who reject Christ. Yet, even in his last conscious moments, if he had trusted Jesus as Savior he could have found peace and received eternal salvation.

How have you been treating Christ? Remember, “the carpenter’s son” is the Son of God. Trust Him today! You will receive the blessing of salvation—not the sentence of condemnation (John 3:17).