Randy, our first child, went off to kindergarten with a 10-cent coin in his pocket to buy a carton of milk to go with his lunch. When he came home that afternoon, his mother asked if he had purchased the milk. “No,” he replied, bursting into tears. “The milk was 5 cents and I only had a dime.”

How often I have responded to demands placed upon me with the same childish understanding. According to God’s Word, I have all the resources I need at my disposal-more than enough to meet my needs-and yet I’m reluctant to act because I fear that I won’t have enough. But the Bible assures me that God has provided me with every blessing in abundance. By His grace, I have everything I need (2 Corinthians 9:8).

The apostle Paul was not saying that we have enough grace to do anything we want to do. God does not offer us a blank check. No, Paul was giving us the assurance that we have enough grace to do whatever God has called us to do-whether it is to give money for the cause of the gospel, as the Corinthians were doing (v.7), or to give love to a difficult teenager, an indifferent spouse, or an aging parent.
Whatever the task, God will make sure we have “an abundance for every good work” (v.8).