It’s frustrating to talk to some people about God, Jesus, and salvation. They shrug you off by saying, “You have your belief and I have mine.” Or, “I won’t tell you how to live if you won’t tell me how to live.”

How do we respond to that? By telling them and showing them that our belief in Christ makes sense. It gives life meaning now and for eternity.

In the book Papillon, the main character dreams that he is on trial. The judge says he is being charged with the most terrible crime that a person can possibly commit. When Papillon asks what it is, he is told, “The tragedy of a wasted life.” “Guilty!” says Papillon, weeping. “Guilty.”

There are people all around us whose lives have no meaning or hope. They’re caught in the web of sin, living “in the futility of their mind” (Ephesians 4:17). Our role, as followers of the Lord Jesus, is to demonstrate that the life of faith does make sense. In the midst of a world of aimlessness and despair, we are to live with purpose and hope.

When we show people the difference Jesus has made in our lives, they will see that life can have meaning and purpose. Then, if they turn to Jesus, they too will avoid the tragedy of a wasted life.