Medtronic was one of the fastest growing medical technology companies in the USA during the 1990s. By all measurements—stock prices, revenue increases, and earnings per share—it has been thriving.

In an article for World Traveler magazine, CEO Art Collins is quoted as saying, “With a mission statement that it strives to ‘alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life,’ Medtronic transcends the paramount objective of making money. . . . While we track a number of measurement criteria for success, the single most important one is the fact that every 12 seconds the life of someone is improved by one of our products or therapies.”

Followers of Christ have a similar mission. We have a life-transforming message to proclaim to those who need to hear it (Romans 10:9-15).

Every day, people all over the world are being saved from sin and its consequences through faith in the Lord Jesus. Our mission as His followers is to be messengers who “preach the gospel of peace” (v.15), telling others about the Savior, Jesus Christ. There is no more worthy mission, for “whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved” (v.13).

Are you doing your part to fulfill this mission?