Archives: April 2002

Still In The Book

When Pastor Mark Tromp was wheeled into the operating room, he said to his family, "Remember, Romans 8:28 is still in the Book."

Bite-Size Requests

Lots of things are easier to do when they're bite-size. If you have a major task to get done, for example, it helps to divide it into smaller units and tackle them one at a time. This is true whether you are redecorating the house, packing for a vacation, or directing a church project.

Something Far Better

A man who lived far out in the country bought his clothing from a mail-order catalog. At the bottom of the printed order form he noticed this statement: "If we do not have the article you ordered in stock, may we substitute?"


Mrs. Grumpty complained bitterly because her friends seemed to avoid her, and she just couldn't understand why. If only she could have heard a recording of her own voice, she would have known the reason for her unpopularity. She always talked about her complaints, weaknesses, aches and pains, and insisted on relating in wearying detail her stay in the hospital.

A Good Word

A man was invited to the home of some friends for dinner. The food was superb—except for the apple pie. Even so, he found something good to say about the pie.

Don't Be Fooled

People don't like to be fooled, but it happens so often that it might seem as if they do.

End Of Construction

One day Billy and Ruth Graham were driving through a long stretch of road construction. They had numerous slowdowns, detours, and stops along the way. Finally they reached the end of all that difficulty, and smooth pavement stretched out before them. This sign caught Ruth's attention: "End of construction. Thanks for your patience." She commented that those words would be a fitting inscription on her tombstone someday.

Hearers And Heeders

He was a churchgoing man who loved to hear good preaching and discuss Bible truths. He and his family faithfully attended services twice every Sunday. But in his home this man was a tyrant. On one occasion he even struck his wife.

The Limits Of Sight

"Seeing is believing," according to the old saying. But if we believe only what we can see, we will never know God or experience His presence.

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