Suppose someone asks you to take a ride in his single-engine plane. You politely decline. Why? Well, you’ve heard that the plane has a history of mechanical problems and you don’t have confidence in its safety. The pilot assures you that he fearlessly entrusts his life to it whenever he flies. You still decline. A few weeks later the plane crashes, and he is killed. An investigation shows that the engine was faulty. The pilot had strong faith—but it was faith in a faulty object.

Many of us who are sincere Christians worry that our faith seems too small. But we need to distinguish between the size of our faith and the object of our faith.

Jesus taught that if we have faith no bigger than a tiny seed (Matthew 17:20), God will respond to our prayers according to His will, wisdom, and grace (1 John 5:14-15). He hears the faintest cry of our hearts, the feeblest whisper of our lips, and in love He listens and responds to our faith (Matthew 14:26-31).

No matter how small and insufficient we think our faith is, let’s keep on praying. Remember, it is the object of our faith—our Almighty God—not the size of our faith that is all-important.  —VCG