In our zeal to introduce people to Christ, we must not forget that the Holy Spirit often uses adverse circumstances to increase their sense of spiritual need. He may also use those same circumstances to help us share the love of Christ with them.

Author Jennifer Rees-Larcombe was burdened for a neighbor named Diana but couldn’t seem to get close to her. One evening she and several friends were praying for Diana when the doorbell rang. It was Diana’s husband. He was desperate. His wife had recently broken her leg and ankle and wouldn’t be able to walk for several months. “Do you know of anyone who could look in on her every day?” he asked.

Saddened, yet grateful for this opportunity, Jennifer and her friends began cooking, cleaning, and shopping for Diana. Several months later, she noticed Diana reading a Bible. Diana explained, “I wanted to find out what makes you Christians tick, so I asked my husband to buy this Bible.” Soon they started attending Jennifer’s church, and eventually they both received Christ.

Are you burdened for someone who needs the Lord? Keep praying and keep loving them “in deed and in truth” (1 John 3:18). They’ll wonder what makes you tick, and in time they’ll find out it’s Jesus!