After reading a short passage of Scripture, a preacher took off his glasses, slammed his Bible shut, and said, “This morning I intend to explain the unexplainable, find out the undefinable, ponder over the imponderable, and unscrew the inscrutable.”

That’s a rather bold claim, for we read in Deuteronomy 29:29 that God has secrets He keeps to Himself. One of them is our future. Moses was reminding a new generation of Israelites of God’s covenant to establish them as His people in the Promised Land (29:13). Moses also warned that they would be uprooted if they disobeyed (vv.25-28). They were not to speculate about how their future would unfold; rather they were to concentrate on living in obedience to God’s revealed law.

There is a broader purpose, however, for the “secret things” that belong to God. He is infinite and we are not. Therefore, He doesn’t give us answers to all the “whys” of His ways. He has revealed, though, how we today can know Him personally by trusting Jesus as our Savior, and how we can live wisely by entrusting our future to Him as Lord.

Although we will still have many questions, we can be sure that God’s secrets are always designed for our good (Romans 8:28).