Thomas Jefferson, who in 1776 wrote the first draft of the US Declaration of Independence, took it for granted that all of us possess certain God-given, “unalienable rights.” Yet, even in a democracy, there is fierce discussion about who is entitled to what rights.

Christians can look at rights from another perspective. Instead of being concerned about ourselves, we can think about what others need. In that sense, we have the “right” to help others, just as the Good Samaritan did (Luke 10:30-37). This parable is an illustration of our Savior’s own example, for we read in Acts 10:38 that He “went about doing good.”

Believers ought to follow Jesus’ example and be “do-gooders.” Even though that term is often used negatively, we who are grateful for God’s redemptive grace want to share with others the good things He gives to us.

We know that the gospel is far more than a humanitarian message of doing good and being good. It’s the message that God has provided forgiveness of sins through the death and resurrection of His Son. As we exercise our “right” to help people around us, let’s also prayerfully share with them that good news.