David Doubilet is a photojournalist whose pictures of a silent underwater world can turn even an ugly, bug-eyed sea creature into a lovely, luminescent work of art. Although he has received many honors for his work, he has also been criticized by environmentalists for not doing more “hard-edge” journalism. They want him to take pictures of dead fish, dirty beaches, and polluted oceans.

But Doubilet believes there’s a better way to get people to care about the environment. Instead of showing the destruction that humans are causing, he shows the beauty God has created.

Some Christians seem to think that the way to improve our spiritual environment is to point out all the evil in the world. But Jesus showed us a better way. Although He never glossed over sin (Matthew 15:18-20), He said to His followers before going to the cross, “By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another” (John 13:35). We are more effective witnesses when we become portraits of the beauty God is creating in us than when we merely paint a bleak picture of human degradation.

“In the end,” says Doubilet, “the best thing one can do is to amaze people.” And what could be more amazing to the world than Christians who truly love one another?