Years ago I heard an amusing story. A young man stood up in a crowded room and loudly said, “Excuse me, everybody, excuse me! Could I please have your attention?” The noisy chatter stopped and everyone’s eyes turned toward him. At that point the young man grinned and said, “Thank you! I just love attention!” Then he sat down.

This story reminds us that while some people love the spotlight, all of us have legitimate needs, and only God can be totally attentive to them. He alone has complete knowledge of us.

In Psalm 139:1, David linked God’s attentiveness with His knowledge, and he personalized them in these words: “O Lord, You have searched me and known me.” Then he rejoiced in the realization that God was intimately acquainted with him and gave attention to everything about him—his actions, thoughts, and words (vv.2-4). God had designed him, created him, and determined how long he would live (vv.13-16). David concluded with this burst of praise: “How precious also are Your thoughts to me, O God!” (v.17).

God’s attentiveness is constant. Whenever you feel that nobody cares about you, meditate on Psalm 139 and be satisfied with God’s attention.