Little eyes were looking over my shoulder at the gas gauge. Running out of fuel on an interstate highway was no one’s idea of fun. There had been plenty of places to stop and get a fillup. If we ran out of gas, it would only be because of my own foolishness. So we pulled into a gas station at the next exit.

But getting a full tank of gas didn’t solve all our problems. We became irritable and impatient with one another. Tempers flared. It didn’t take long till we sensed that our lives were not being controlled by the Spirit’s power. Only after apologies and a quiet prayer of submission to the Lord was our inner spiritual strength restored. It was as if we had stopped to fill our hearts and minds with renewed energy.

Unlike my experience of running low on gas, we as Christians can’t run out of the source of our strength. We have the Holy Spirit in our hearts, but it is possible for us to grieve Him and block the flow of His strength in our lives (Eph. 4:30).

As you travel the road of life, do you sometimes face a power crisis? Don’t try to see how far you can go without yielding to the Holy Spirit. Remember, He is an unlimited source of spiritual power.