Columnist Leonard Pitts Jr. writes about the need for heroes: “My middle son, Marlon, complained to me just the other day that his generation is coming of age ‘in a world without heroes.’ . . . His words tugged at me. . . . Our children have learned to wait for the other shoe to drop, for ‘heroes’ to be unmasked and values betrayed.”

In spite of all the scandals in the world of sports, politics, and business, countless people in all walks of life still remain faithful to God under incredible odds. I know of a Christian whose wife lay sick in the hospital for 10 years. He stayed true to her and visited her every day until she died.

I can’t forget the US Congressman from Michigan who when he died was praised by colleagues for his compassion and high moral principles. Then there are the many parents of physically or mentally impaired children, who rely on Christ for the grace and strength to get through each day.

Through faith in God’s promises, the unnamed people in Hebrews 11:32-40 stayed true to their convictions. Some even paid with their lives. They are described as people “of whom the world was not worthy” (v.38).

Let’s keep our eyes on people who show that kind of faith today. They are this world’s true heroes.