Our dog had fleas. For a while they just about drove him crazy. When we realized what his problem was, we bathed him with flea shampoo, dusted him with flea powder, and fumigated his bedding with flea spray. Then, just when we thought we had eliminated them, they showed up again. Where were they coming from?

Well, he had recently come of age and was determined to run after new loves whenever he could find a crack in the door. We would scold and threaten him, but he was deaf to our calls. The dog was bound to run whenever he could. And he brought back problems, for him and for us.

In a much more serious sense, David faced the discomfort of problems that resulted from his waywardness. When he felt the hand of his Master pressing down on him, he knew the reason (Ps. 38:2). God was using painful consequences to rid David of his foolishness.

When we run away from God and bring trouble on ourselves, we can get help. As David did in Psalm 38, we need to recognize God’s correcting hand and make a new start. Better yet, we can avoid His chastening if we go to the Lord in repentance before He must correct us.

Running from God always brings trouble.