Irrational fears, or phobias, torment many people. They may be afraid of crowds or open spaces or heights. There’s even a fear called theophobia, which is either a dread that God exists or a strong denial of His existence.

But surely theophobia is rare, isn’t it? Maybe not. We read in Romans that enemies of God do all they can to expel any awareness of Him from their minds (1:28). They become “futile in their thoughts, and their foolish hearts [are] darkened” (v.21).

We shouldn’t be surprised, therefore, when Thomas Nagel, a professor of philosophy and law at New York University, uses logic to explain away “the fear of religion.” In his book The Last Word, he candidly admits that he is “strongly subject to this fear,” and says, “I hope there is no God!”

Regardless of how apprehensive someone might be of the mere thought of anything religious, God is real and He yearns to be our Savior. When we open our minds and hearts to the gospel of Jesus Christ, our outlook on life changes completely—from fearful pessimism to trustful hope. Then, having an appropriate fear of the Lord, we find deliverance from other fears that plague our lives.

Have you found hope and confidence in Christ?