Marge and Ed Bridges spent almost 20 years trying to find the best care for their son who was mildly retarded. They tried private tutors, home teaching, and special schools, but nothing seemed to provide adequate help and challenge for Jim. They had refused a psychiatrist’s suggestion to put their son in an institution and forget him.

Finally the Bridges decided to create a homelike setting where Jim and others with similar needs could receive job training, keep busy, and have fun. In 1953 their vision became a reality, and today it serves some 400 special-needs people in Texas.

What seemingly insurmountable problem are you facing today? Is God giving you an opportunity to meet that “impossible” need?

When Jesus’ disciples asked Him to send away a hungry crowd to buy food for themselves, He said, “They do not need to go away. You give them something to eat” (Mt. 14:16). It was beyond their power to do that, and Jesus knew it. But it was not beyond His power, and He included His followers in the marvelous, miraculous solution.

By working in God’s strength for the solution to meet your own need, He may multiply your efforts (as He did the loaves and fish) to help and encourage others.