You’ve probably never been to a worship service quite like the one the Israelites held after they reached the safe side of the Red Sea.

The people had just seen God save them from certain, watery death. They had come within an eyelash of being pushed into the sea by the charging forces of Pharaoh’s army. Relentlessly, the charioted soldiers had chased them down (Ex. 14:5-9). In panic, the children of Israel had cried out for help (v.10).

The Lord parted the sea, allowing the people to cross (vv.16,21-22). But when the Egyptians rode onto the seabed, God caused the waters to cascade down on them (v.28).

That’s when the celebration began! Joyously, the people praised God for His strength and salvation (Ex. 15:2), His power (v.6), His greatness (v.7), His holiness (v.11), His mercy, redemption, and guidance (v.13), and His eternal reign over them (v.18). They poured out their hearts in worship to the God of their salvation.

Look over the attributes for which the Israelites praised God. Review how His character has touched your life. Find ways to honor Him in worship. The God who parted the sea is the God who makes a way for you. Give Him your celebration of praise!