During a television interview, a comedian was asked, “What do you intend to say when you meet your Maker?” The comedian, assuming possible rejection by God and reflecting today’s mindset, quipped, “I’ll simply ask for a second opinion!”

There was a time when the opinion of an expert in any field was taken as correct and final. But today we often seek the advice of many professionals until we find the one we think is best. This has given us many valuable benefits. But when we are looking for answers about our eternal destiny, only one opinion matters. God has the final answer.

In Acts 4:12, Peter boldly declared that Jesus is the only name given by God through which we can be saved. We stand condemned before a just and holy God because of our sin. But the good news is that His love has found a way to save us. He sent His Son Jesus Christ to take our place of punishment. We need only to acknowledge our sinfulness, ask for His forgiveness, and trust Him to save us. There’s simply no other way to heaven than through Jesus and His sacrificial death on the cross.

What will you say when you meet your Maker? If you’re unsure, settle it now—for it will be too late then.