Month: October 1999

Afraid To Fail?

Things haven't changed much in 2,000 years. Jesus observed in His day what a thoughtful Christian observes in ours. "The harvest truly is great" (Lk. 10:2).

Haunting Fears

Irrational fears, or phobias, torment many people. They may be afraid of crowds or open spaces or heights. There's even a fear called theophobia, which is either a dread that God exists or a strong denial of His existence.

Do You Love The World?

The words "For God so loved the world" are cherished by every believer. But without realizing it, their familiarity can dull our appreciation of their full meaning. I became aware of my own ingratitude one Christmas when I received a card that said, "God still loves the world!" That card has adorned my kitchen wall ever since. It reminds me that God's love is always and forever in the present tense.

Life At Its Best

Abraham's heart must have pounded as he stood on Mount Moriah with his son Isaac. He had offered many sacrifices during his lifetime, but this one was different. God was asking him to place his promised son on the altar and yet retain his confidence in God's love and integrity.

Thinking Of You

I was working alone in my office when a fax arrived from our daughter in Colorado. It had a goofy cartoon of a rabbit wearing a cowboy hat and chaps and swinging a lariat. "Well, howdy there, rancher Dave," it began, and ended with "I love you!"

Hit The Switch

I can't get Steven to turn off the light when he leaves his bedroom. It's frustrating to have to tell him time after time to hit the switch on the way out.

We Don't Have Time Not To

Things we ought to do, but we don't take the time to do:

  • Balance our checkbook.
  • Change our car's oil and filter.
  • Get a physical examination.
  • Pray.

Saved By Grace

Pastor and author H. A. Ironside told about a new convert who gave his testimony during a church service. With joy in his heart, the man related how he had been delivered from a life of sin. He gave the Lord all the glory, making it clear that he had done nothing to earn salvation.

Reason Enough

If you are like most Christians, you didn't go through a long reasoning process before believing on Jesus. You heard the good news and realized you were a sinner and needed God's forgiveness. You understood that when Jesus died on the cross He took the punishment you deserved. You believed that He rose from the dead, and you placed your trust in Him. This simple act of faith gave you inner peace and brought you into a personal relationship with God.

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