One side of Harry Elders’ business card had a photo of his smiling face. On the other side was his motto: “Integrity Can Be Communicated.”

For half a century, Harry worked as a narrator and actor in radio and TV. One of his favorite ongoing projects was Unshackled, a Chicago-based radio show dramatizing conversions to Christ. But whether he was narrating a film about foreign missions or a promotional video for a bank, his integrity permeated everything he did. There was no conflict between his walk and his talk. When you hired Harry, you got all of him—virtue, kindness, and principle.

After Harry died, a local newspaper had a column of tribute titled: “A voice of integrity is silenced, but its messages will live on.”

People like Harry remind us of what David wrote in Psalm 26. It begins and ends with integrity: “I have walked in my integrity” (v.1), and “I will walk in my integrity” (v.11). In between these statements he wrote, “Examine me, O Lord, and prove me; try my mind and my heart” (v.2). David’s desire was to be pure before the Lord so that he could worship and tell of all His wondrous works (vv.6-7).

Integrity can be communicated—when we are true to the Lord everywhere, all the time.