As early as 1995, reservations were being made in fashionable hotels and resorts for celebrating New Year’s Eve 1999. According to writer Calvin McDowell in The New York Times, the London Savoy had by then been twice overbooked. Although the charge for the evening was $1,000, the Rainbow Room in New York City had a waiting list. So did the Waldorf-Astoria. Reservations were hard to get.

For many people, the end of the 1900s and the dawning of a new millennium brings with it the hope that life will be different. Yet one doesn’t have to be endowed with the gift of prophecy to know that life is destined to continue as it was in the last millennium. For example, we can be sure that death will continue to be inescapable. We know that no one today will live to see the year 3000.

Because death is inescapable, we must answer this very thought-provoking and personal question: Have you made sure of your heavenly reservations? It’s not too late. You need to put your trust in Jesus Christ now for forgiveness and cleansing of your sin. You then will have a guaranteed reservation for that home in glory (Jn. 14:2), and you can be assured that you’ll celebrate with the Lord for all eternity. Make your reservation today!