According to Genesis 6, Noah lived in a time of terrible wickedness, yet he kept himself from all the evil around him. He must have known the Lord in a close, personal way, for he was described as a man who “walked with God” (v.9).

This raises an important question. How do we really get to know someone? Let me illustrate: Many years have passed since that wonderful day my wife and I were married, and I realize how little I knew her at that time. Only after living with her and growing together, through both the sweet and the bitter experiences of life, have I come to appreciate her for who and what she is. I know her better and love her more than ever before.

In a similar manner, it takes time to get to know God. We hear what the Bible says about God the Father, Jesus His Son, and the Holy Spirit. But to really get to know God, we must receive Jesus as our personal Savior. Then we must learn all we can about Him through studying God’s Word and fellowshiping with Him each day. Getting acquainted with God means talking with our heavenly Father in prayer, trusting and obeying the Lord Jesus, and daily relying on the power and guidance of the indwelling Holy Spirit.

That’s what it takes to know God.