My wife and I think of ourselves as neither rich nor poor. When we consider people living in poverty, struggling just to get by, we can feel guilty because of our comfortable lifestyle. But when we see others who live in luxurious houses, drive expensive cars, and take exotic vacations, our lifestyle seems unpretentious and humdrum.

Actually, how much we possess is not as important as our attitude toward our possessions. Paul wrote that “godliness with contentment is great gain” (1 Tim. 6:6). Regardless of our status, we should be content, neither coveting more nor resenting those who have more than we do.

Although we as Christians may enjoy God’s blessings without feeling guilty, we must also heed Paul’s admonition not to be haughty but to trust in God (v.17). We must humbly acknowledge Him as the source of all we have, and share willingly and generously with others (vv.17-18). Such generosity has eternal value (v.19). Since God measures our giving by the degree of our sacrifice (Mk. 12:42-44), many who have little to give in this life will be immensely rewarded in the life to come.

Whether we are rich or poor, let’s be sure to invest in eternity.