At the close of a meeting where the topic was world evangelism, a young woman turned to an older believer and admitted, “I just can’t get interested in missions!” “Well, dear,” said the elderly woman, “it’s just like getting interest in a bank. You have to put in a little something first or you’ll never have any! The more you put in, the more you’ll get out of it. Try it.”

That philosophy is simple but true. If you lack interest in something, it is probably because you have put very little into it. You say you can find no pleasure in Bible study, but have you ever sat down with a concordance and looked up the Scripture references on a given subject? Have you ever read the Psalms until you came to some promise that comforted you, and then meditated on that truth until your heart overflowed with praise? Have you ever read a book of the Bible at one sitting so you could get the sense of its message? If not, no wonder you have no interest! The apostle Peter emphasized the effort we need to put into the Christian life if we are to be fruitful (2 Pet. 1:5-10).

Perhaps you say you have little enthusiasm for evangelism or discipling others. Have you ever tried to speak to someone or volunteered for ministry? If not, it’s time to invest some effort—then watch your interest grow! —Henry G. Bosch (ODB Editor 1956-1981)