When W. B. Davidson was a young boy, he walked with his father 3 miles from his rural home to his grandmother’s house. While they were visiting, the sun set. Davidson writes, “Between our home and grandmother’s house was a swamp. That night the croaking of the frogs, the chirping of the crickets, and the shadows of the trees frightened me. I asked my father if there was any danger of something catching us, but he assured me that there was nothing to dread. And so, taking me by the hand, he said, ‘I will not allow anything to harm you.’ Immediately my fears passed away and I was ready to face the world.”

Someone has said that the three keys to real peace are: fret not, faint not, fear not.

1. Fret not—because God loves you (1 Jn. 4:16).

2. Faint not—because God holds you (Ps. 139:10).

3. Fear not—because God keeps you (Ps. 121:5).

As we rest in the love of Christ and recognize that God holds our hand, we too shall be at peace and unafraid. The “three keys to real peace”—fret not, faint not, fear not—can open our prison of worry and discouragement. Let’s step out into the full joy and liberty of the children of God!