When I was a child, I was taught that the earth is whirling on its axis. Teachers and textbooks told me that a person standing on the equator is rotating with the earth at 1,000 miles per hour. I believed it then, and I do today. But honestly, it doesn’t seem that we are moving at all. Appearances can be deceiving.

In my childhood I was also taught that God rules over all things, and that Jesus, who died and rose from the grave and ascended to heaven, will come back to earth someday. I believed that then, and I still do today.

Yet when bad things keep happening in the world and wicked people seem to be in control, I must admit that I can understand why some unbelievers would scoff at those of us who say that Jesus will return as He promised (2 Pet. 3:3-4). But, once again, appearances can be deceiving.

Because of the spiritual vision that God gives us when we believe in Jesus, we can see the bigger picture. We read in the Bible about His awesome deeds and all that He said and did. We sense the Lord’s presence when we pray, and we experience His grace and peace in our trials. Each of us can therefore say, “Even though it may not look like it now, I believe Jesus is coming again.”