Kerri’s grandpa was having health problems and hadn’t been himself lately. To cheer him up, Kerri visited him to recite a Bible passage she had memorized for a speech contest.

Grandpa knew that she had won, so he wanted to reward her. Opening his Bible to his favorite passage, he hid some money there. When Kerri arrived, she recited her winning entry, Psalm 119:9-16. Then Grandpa gave Kerri the Bible, and she opened it to find the hidden gift—located at Psalm 119. They had both chosen the same passage!

For Kerri and her grandpa, God’s direction led them to a portion of Scripture of vital importance for both young and old. It details how to stay pure in a world of impurity (Ps. 119:9)—something all young people need to do. It explains the importance of hiding God’s Word in our hearts (v.11)—something many older believers depend on as life becomes more difficult. The verses also remind us to praise God, value His standards, meditate on Scripture, and delight in His teachings (vv.13-16).

Sometimes God surprises us with the way He speaks to us through His Word. He can even use an amazing grandfather-grandchild “coincidence” to put them, and us, face-to-face with some of His most precious promises.