A bird-feeder stands outside the window of my study where I sit and write. Every day, wonderful wordless sermons are preached to me from that feeder. The preachers are my feathered friends, and the message they illustrate so effectively is this: Dependence on God is right and reasonable for all of God’s creatures, including you and me!

Here is the three-point sermon on God-dependence that the birds live out faithfully:

  • Seek God’s provision daily.
  • Seek His provision expectantly, for He has satisfied you before.
  • Seek His provision actively, taking responsibility to gather it in.

The birds illustrate Psalm 104:27-28, “These all wait for You, that You may give them their food in due season. What You give them they gather in.”

The Bible is like a table, laden with nourishing food we need every day: promises, instruction, wisdom, comfort, and encouragement. Like any good host, God tells us, “Come and get it!” But we often fail to do this. We depend on everything but Him and wonder why our faith is feeble. But if like our feathered friends we’ll come and feast daily, expectantly, and actively, our divine Host will provide for all our needs. Depend on it!