Years ago when our family lived in West Berlin, we occasionally hosted Bible studies for members of the armed forces. One evening a few soldiers gathered to hear the testimony of an older man. Speaking from his experience, he said, “Men, I’ve been following the Lord for many years now. I have learned that whenever I turn to the Lord in my troubles, He will bring me through them victoriously. A skeptic once challenged me, ‘Sooner or later you’ll encounter something so utterly impossible that even the Lord won’t be able to help you. Just you wait!'”

After a pause, the speaker said to the soldiers, “Many years and troubles have passed since then, and guess what? I’m still waiting . . . because the Lord never fails!”

David, the writer of Psalm 34, encountered many difficulties and often cried out to God. Again and again the Lord delivered him from his troubles (vv.4-7,17-19). David’s part was to keep on turning to God, his refuge and deliverer.

The Lord is also our deliverer. Sometimes He removes the trial, and sometimes He doesn’t. He will, however, sustain us through every difficulty with His grace and peace. Our part is to call on Him.