Only a fool makes light of sin. The Bible warns us of its devastation in our lives and in our communities. I believe sin should be punished. I get upset when a clever lawyer helps a guilty client avoid paying the penalty for his crime. But I don’t want my sin to be punished. Yet, in my more honest moments, I know that my sin must also be dealt with.

No matter how vile my sin or the sin of others may be, no sin is too great for Calvary. God knows all about it and that’s why Jesus died. The cross isn’t about a hard God who is softened out of pity for His Son. The cross displays a loving God who gave so that our sin could be atoned for. The cross speaks louder than our sin. “Where sin shouts,” author Jim McGuiggan says, “the cross thunders . . . . Where sin whispers its lies and confuses us, the cross heralds its truth and drives away the darkness.”

Is God soft on sin? The cross shouts “No!” Is God soft on sinners? The Bible says, “Yes!” (Ps. 103:10). God pities us. He knows how we are formed and that we are dust (v.14). Because of the cross, He doesn’t have to treat us as our sin deserves.

Perhaps you need to realize that today. The cross is greater than any sin you have committed.