“No children please!” These words are seldom voiced, but they’re often assumed when we are invited to hear a prominent speaker, teacher, or leader. The assumption is that children wouldn’t know what’s going on and they might annoy the speaker.

In Mark 10:13-16, the Lord’s disciples made a similar assumption about children and Jesus. But He was displeased when His disciples rebuked parents who brought their little ones to be blessed. Jesus knew that children, with their receptive hearts, were closest to His kingdom.

Many years ago, missionary Robert Moffat learned the importance of not overlooking children. Only a few people had come to one of his meetings because of bad weather. Although disheartened, he preached his message, not noticing a small boy who was operating the bellows of the organ. Before Moffat was finished, that boy had decided to become a missionary. His name was David Livingstone, who grew up to become God’s pioneering servant in Africa.

We as parents, school teachers, church workers, and neighbors must never overlook the children whom God puts into our lives. Remember, the kingdom of God is for children too.