Several months ago, I visited two professing Christians who were terminally ill. I was struck by their contrasting attitudes. One man was glum and quite listless even when I read Scripture and prayed and spoke about our hope in Christ. His spiritual eyesight seemed dim.

When I visited the other man, I found him talking cheerfully with two of his granddaughters. He expressed his desire that they would have a good life, and he urged them to live for Jesus. This man had 20/20 spiritual vision. By faith he saw the invisible God as he was facing death.

We read of similar responses in Numbers 13 and 14. Twelve spies had been sent out to explore the Promised Land. All 12 saw the lush, green, fertile areas. It was truly a land of great agricultural promise. But 10 of them were intimidated by the size and number of the hostile people who lived there. They said it would be foolhardy to invade. The other two spies, Joshua and Caleb, insisted that with the Lord on their side they could take the territory. By faith they saw God beyond the obstacles.

What do we focus on? Do we see only the size of our problems, or do we see the greatness of our God? Only He can give us 20/20 spiritual vision.