Many people think they are free because they are having fun and doing as they please. They give little or no thought to God, assuming that a life of commitment to Christ is restrictive and dull.

In his book Call To Discipleship, Juan Carlos puts this type of thinking into perspective. Suppose that a ship is sinking and the captain knows it. So he tells the passengers that those in second class are free to go up to first class. Those who care to drink may have all the whiskey, vodka, or wine they want—it’s free! Anyone who wants to play soccer in the dining room may do so. If anything is broken, it’s no problem. The passengers are delighted and think they are completely free. But soon they will all be drowned.

That’s a picture of the kingdom of darkness. People have “freedom”—sex, drugs, alcohol, anything they desire. They are convinced that they are kings and queens of their own tiny kingdoms. But the spirit of death controls them, and ultimately it will destroy them.

Real freedom is found in Jesus Christ. He enables us to become all we were designed to be. His restrictions are like wings to a bird or sails to a ship. Receive Him as your Savior, and the truth will set you free.