Month: February 1999

Spiritual Eyesight

The great 19th-century preacher Charles Haddon Spurgeon told the story about a woman who said to Joseph Turner while he was painting, "Why do you put such extravagant colors into your pictures? I never see anything like them in nature."

The Cross Shouts

Only a fool makes light of sin. The Bible warns us of its devastation in our lives and in our communities. I believe sin should be punished. I get upset when a clever lawyer helps a guilty client avoid paying the penalty for his crime. But I don't want my sin to be punished. Yet, in my more honest moments, I know that my sin must also be dealt with.

The Kingdom Is For Kids

"No children please!" These words are seldom voiced, but they're often assumed when we are invited to hear a prominent speaker, teacher, or leader. The assumption is that children wouldn't know what's going on and they might annoy the speaker.

A Word From The Undertaker

In Thomas Lynch's popular book The Undertaking: Life Studies From The Dismal Trade, he reflects on his work as a funeral director in a small Michigan town. In 25 years, he has overseen some 5,000 burials. How has it shaped his thinking?

Compared With What?

I remember that when I was in the 6th grade I used to look with admiration and awe at high school football players. They were old enough to be heroes, and as far as I was concerned they were the biggest, fastest, and toughest guys around. But now I realize that it all depends on whose team you're playing for. Compared with the college or professional athletes of today, those fellows don't even rate.

Surprised By Trials

A young man looked forward to joining the US Marine Corps after high school. But after just 3 weeks in boot camp, he wanted out. After he got an administrative discharge, he said, "I didn't know it would be that hard."

Ice Cream For The Soul

A father took his family to a restaurant. Before the meal, his 6-year-old son prayed, "Thank You for the food, and I would even thank You more if Mom got us ice cream. Amen!"

Worthy Of Reward

A co-worker told me about taking a walk near his home and noticing this imprint on a number of sidewalk slabs: "A. Anderson, 1903." That name and the date were indelibly inscribed in the concrete, indicating the year it had been poured and identifying the man who did the work.

How Is Your Vision?

Several months ago, I visited two professing Christians who were terminally ill. I was struck by their contrasting attitudes. One man was glum and quite listless even when I read Scripture and prayed and spoke about our hope in Christ. His spiritual eyesight seemed dim.

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