I don’t like to write out checks for insurance, but I have to. A spokesman for the Insurance Information Institute acknowledged, “We sell a product that everyone . . . must have and that everyone believes he’s paying too high a price for.” That statement doesn’t make me want to pay the premiums, but I’m glad the insurance insiders realize I’m bearing a heavy burden for something I may never use.

Did you know there is a type of insurance that God offers to us through Christ? We call it salvation. There are big differences, though, between what we get for paying insurance premiums and what God has done for us in providing salvation.

First, what we get from God through faith in Christ is absolutely free. There isn’t enough money in the world to purchase our salvation. Only Jesus could pay for it. Second, there is no question whether we will need the benefits of our salvation. We are drawing on them now as the Holy Spirit works through us, and we will receive the full benefits in eternity as it provides for us an everlasting home with God in heaven.

Finding a good insurance package for your house or car can be difficult. But it’s simple to insure your soul. Trust Jesus. He’ll pay dividends for eternity.