The University of Colorado’s Fiske Planetarium needed money, so its director dreamed up a comical fund-raiser. He printed brochures that offered 1,000-acre lots on the planet Mars for only $20.

The flier read: “This land steal features pink skies, unlimited rock gardens, and not one but two moons. So peaceful, quiet, and romantic—even the natives are friendly.” The literature promised, “At one-sixth the gravity of Earth, your golf game will improve immensely—drives will be six times longer. Mars will provide a world of adventure for the entire family.” The gag was surprisingly successful. People across the country sent in $20 for a deed, for space flight insurance, and for a simulated sample of red Martian soil.

If this story catches your imagination, then think about the ultimate real estate—heaven. As an expression of His love, God promised it to all who trust Jesus as their Savior. It’s a real place where the Lord Himself will live with His people. There will be no tears, pain, or death, and the occupants will rejoice forever in God’s everlasting goodness (Rev. 21:4).

How reassuring to know that God’s free offer of a home in heaven is not a promotional gimmick! It may sound too good to be true, but it isn’t. It’s too good to pass up.