Burt Gutras is a communications technician who fine-tunes aviation electronic equipment. But his passion is volunteering for the Smith County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (SCARES). He provides indispensable communication when police are searching for missing persons.

Burt’s comments reflect his selflessness: “In the case of missing persons—and it happens more often than people realize—we go out hoping that we can find them before something bad happens. Whether you find them yourself is not important. The important thing is that they are found.”

Is that our attitude toward lost sinners? Do we pray for other believers who use different methods than ours to rescue the lost? Are we free from feelings of rivalry or jealousy? Or are we so prejudiced in favor of our own rescue team that we would rather have people remain alienated from God than be brought to Him through the efforts of others?

Paul expressed his great concern over the competing factions he saw in the body of Christ (1 Cor. 1:11-13). He wanted the Corinthians to be united so that the message of the cross of Christ could go out unhindered.

Let’s ask the Holy Spirit to give us an unselfish attitude. Our motives should be as pure as our goal.