Do you ever wonder if the Lord has forgotten you? Does it seem as if He’s not paying as much attention to you as He once did? If so, remember that appearances can be deceiving. Regardless of how it looks right now, the Lord is not far from you. He may be giving you an opportunity to trust Him and wait for His help rather than rely on your own resources.

We are all familiar with a similar kind of testing in everyday life. What parent has not told his child to stay in a certain place until he returns? And what parent is not distressed if that same child is unwilling to wait but quickly runs off on his own?

David, the author of Psalm 13, reflected the thoughts of a child of God who certainly must have pleased the heavenly Father. He was being put to the test. He knew the experience of feeling that he had been abandoned by the Lord. Yet he remained convinced that his only real hope was in God, and that He would reward his faith.

Are you being tested right now? Does God seem far away? It’s your opportunity to learn what David learned—that the Lord never leaves you. He sustains all who put their trust in Him.