When our daughter Julie was a high school senior, she had the opportunity to “job shadow” for 2 weeks. She went “on the job” to find out firsthand about two professions that had captured her interest. For the first week, she sat in on the classes of a math teacher at another school. For the second week, she shadowed a college basketball coach.

The idea of shadowing is a vital one, because it emphasizes the importance of example. A person who is being shadowed knows he or she is setting an example for the student.

We are all participants in a process that might be called “life shadowing.” If we are parents, our children shadow us all the time, learning how to act as adults. At work, we have fellow employees who notice our reactions to all kinds of situations. In our community, our neighbors observe us and see how Christians live, even when we don’t realize they are watching.

Is our life worthy of shadowing? Does our example lead others in the right direction? Paul said that his life was worth shadowing because he followed Jesus—the ultimate example (1 Cor. 11:1).

If you want to become a worthy example for others, shadow the Savior!