In the 1960s, certain theologians (yes, theologians!) proclaimed, “God is dead.” In their opinion, the progress of knowledge had made it impossible for thoughtful people to believe in God. These “thinkers” said it was time to bury the idea of an almighty Creator in the graveyard of abandoned myths.

But the God-is-dead theology has died out. British scholar and historian Paul Johnson comments, “From the perspective of human spirituality, the most extraordinary thing about the 20th century was the failure of God to die.”

John Calvin declared that we all have an inborn sense of deity. That’s why anthropologists have never discovered a tribe of atheists. To kill off faith in God, it would be necessary to blot out the stars, turn the orderly processes of nature into chaos, and perform a lobotomy on every human being. How foolish it is to deny God! (Ps. 53:1).

Yet God can be as good as dead to us when we ignore His commandments and violate His precepts. By our thoughtless words and actions we may treat the Creator of the universe as if He doesn’t exist. It is through constant commitment to Christ and the discipline of prayer that God becomes as real to us as the things He created for us.