The story is told of a nobleman who died very suddenly. Immediately his personal servant ran to tell the other servants of the household that their master was dead. He asked with gravity, “Where has he gone?” The servants replied, “Why, to heaven, to be sure.” “No,” said the man, “I am certain he has not gone to heaven.”

Somewhat surprised, the others asked him how he knew their master had not gone to heaven. The man replied, “Because heaven is a long way off, and I’ve never known my master to take a long trip in his life but what he talked of it beforehand and made thorough preparation for it. And I never heard him say a word about this journey, nor ever saw him getting ready for it.”

It’s true that we are saved by grace through faith in Christ—not by how much we talk about it (Eph. 2:8). Yet it’s strange when people think they’re going to heaven but never mention it nor read God’s Word.

The rich fool in Luke 12 wasn’t prepared when the Lord said, “This night your soul will be required of you.” If you seldom think about heaven and never discuss it, could it be you’re not going there? One way or another, you are going to meet God. Are you prepared?