This is the story of a man with whom I worked. David was a remarkable man. Remarkable in his steady demeanor through 33 years of service with the same ministry. Remarkable in his gentle, caring love for his wife of 30 years. Remarkable in his unwavering dedication to his children—through triumph and trouble. Remarkable in the respect he earned from co-workers and acquaintances. Remarkable in that when he died too suddenly and too soon at age 56, no one had anything bad to say about him. Remarkable!

Yet as friends and family sat in solemn silence at the funeral, David’s pastor put his life in perspective. Family members had extolled David’s character and comforted everyone with the assurance that he was in heaven. Then the pastor said, “None of the good things David did earned him one second in heaven. He is there because he accepted God’s salvation through Christ.”

It’s true. No matter how remarkable our lives are, we cannot earn heaven. It’s a gift.

Examine your life. As religious and well-loved as you may be, you won’t go to heaven unless you accept God’s gift of eternal life. Ask Jesus Christ to forgive your sins. That will make your life truly remarkable.