As the bus rounded another bend in the Israeli road, I was not prepared for my reaction to what I would see. There stretching before us lay the Sea of Galilee. Its beauty sparkled in the bright sunlight, but my heart was not touched just by its natural grandeur. No, the tears of wonderment that clouded my vision came when I realized anew that I was in the land of Jesus’ earthly life.

When I looked over that body of water, I was viewing the sea on which Jesus sailed. When I visited the city of Capernaum, I was walking exactly where He walked. When I came to the Mount of the Beatitudes, I was standing in the very place where Jesus gave His remarkable sermon.

My heart was renewed by these realizations. It was warmed with the realities of Jesus’ life—and especially His sacrificial death. Although those experiences in Israel have no redeeming power, they made me think about something that will happen in the future. I was touched by this thought: If being in the place where Jesus walked has the power to quicken my heart, how overwhelming it will be to stand in His presence in heaven!

Imagine the absolute ecstasy of being where Jesus is—not just where He was. It will be astounding!